Bethany Scribner-Carlson

marketing manager

I am a data-driven creative based in Henderson, NV. My specializations include:

  • Social media strategy
  • Content creation
  • Pinterest optimization
  • Influencer management
  • Product Marketing
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Go-to-market ​Product Launch: ​Supporting ​ecommerce sales ​through strategic ​social media

OBJECTIVE: Support the Online team with Live Chat event during product launch.

ACTION: To drive awareness and peak interest in the event, I utilized native engagement tools to get guests asking questions about a new hero collection the day before the event went live. Responses featured key benefits and organically primed followers to be ready to engage in asking questions about the collection.

RESULT: Live Chat conversations increased +270% and drove $16.7k in sales in 3 days.

Building promotional anticipation: Outdoors Week

OBJECTIVE: Drive sales for Outdoors Week promotional offers and sign-ups for Treasure Truck text alerts.

CHALLENGE: We did not have access to the product to create social-first content. We also could not show the product in social because Treasure Truck brand strategy was to give text subscribers first access to offer details.

ACTION: I worked closely with the Business Development team to get information about the daily deals for a highly anticipated Outdoors Week campaign. I then developed a brief for the Creative team to build Instagram in-feed and Story assets, using existing images provided by brand partners with a creative, on brand treatment to mask the product while building interest and intrigue.

Driving email opt-ins through existing content

OBJECTIVE: Increase email opt-ins.

CHALLENGE: Limited resources for content creation and influencer support.

ACTION: After connecting with the team in charge of website content, I received a list of blogs and resources that required email capture to access. I looked through those for resources that had seasonal moments we could capitalize on for a sense of timeliness and additional relevance and built them into the social calendar.

RESULT: Surpassed conversion rate goal by +137% after coordinating with Paid Media Manager to create new paid campaign content based on success in organic social. Cost per sample acquisition cost was also cut in half.

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Connecting internet trends with consumer insights

OBJECTIVE: Test and learn social media tactics that would build a consistent presence and increase engagement for a medical device company that previously lacked strategy.

ACTION: I ideated, designed and created social content with the intention of looking and feeling less like it came from a medical device company you have to shop from and more like a CPG brand you want to shop from. I tied social trends with consumer insights and pain points to create content that resonated emotionally while visually appearing more like what followers would expect to see on social media.

RESULT: These efforts contributed to total engagements for the year performing +131% over industry average.

Creating on brand surprise & delight opportunities through GIPHY stickers

OBJECTIVE: Create an opportunity for subscribers and shoppers to enhance their Instagram Stories sharing about their Treasure Truck finds with GIPHY stickers. Also a way to uplevel sponsored influencer posts with fun branding.

ACTION: I created a brief for our digital Creative team including examples of similar styles, file sizes/requirements and proposed graphics to replicate. Once approved, I got the files uploaded to GIPHY and tagged with appropriate SEO.

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Early adopter: Threads

Quickly developed a strategy deck and brand POV to expedite the internal processes to get Best Buy established on Threads within 48 hours of the platform launching. Continued to maintain a consistent presence balancing new and trending content to foster growth and community.


Creating video from still images

OBJECTIVE: Share more video content on social media to align with platform algorithm and audience expectations.

CHALLENGE: Video assets are not always available and products may not be accessible to shoot video on demand.

ACTION: I sourced still images from brand asset libraries that I felt could make good storytelling opportunities and added motion in ways that made sense for the product and audience.

Short-form video for business

As a small business owner, I love using short-form video to enhance and uplevel marketing opportunities. I use my small business accounts as a testing ground to learn different video styles and editing techniques that I'm able to apply to other brand accounts.

Shooting & editing for YouTube

Content creation isn't just something I do for work. My creative wheels are always spinning and I'm always looking for ways to document the present moment.

I storyboarded, shot and edited this MTV Cribs parody while on an ice fishing trip for my husband's birthday.


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View from the top

By keeping a pulse on trending topics and sharing relevant and timely branded content, this Pin remained in top unbranded search results for over a year, resulting in 7m+ organic impressions and almost $28k in EMV.

Optimizing pre-existing content

By building off the credibility given to older, more established pins by adding proper keyword and website optimizations, impressions of this Pin increased +820% after only two days.

Creating new content that connects

Resolving Pinners' problems (AKA their search terms) with brand solutions that resulted in millions of impressions and thousands of website clicks.

Building organic Pinterest strategy from scratch

I worked with Omnilux to build out their organic Pinterest SEO strategy, aligning search terms and content calendar with seasonal trends and brand campaigns. I also designed and created all traditional and Idea Pins, providing templates and search terms for the brand to continue the work after I laid the foundation.


Celebrity &

Brand Partnerships

I worked closely with team members responsible for securing celebrity, macro-influencer and brand partnerships for limited-edition apparel collections, helping ideate content creation and social needs in line with promoting collections.

Brand: EleVen by Venus Williams

Brand: Coveteur

Celebrity: Porsha Williams

Celebrity: Madison LeCroy

Influencer Campaigns: Lower Funnel

I acted as our point of contact with our agency partners to develop campaign concepts and briefs for 3 influencer campaigns. This also included identifying and approving 70+ unique macro and micro influencers. These campaigns brought in 3.8k subscribers and many pieces of content had engagement rates above industry standards.

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Influencer Campaigns: Upper Funnel

I was the shared point of contact with our agency partner for 6 influencer campaigns with Amazon The Drop. Our goal was to build brand awareness for staples fashion pieces. This included keeping a pulse on seasonal and micro-moments in fashion across social channels and building briefs accordingly. For instance, running a Barbie-core campaign on TikTok or a GRWM for the Holidays on YouTube.

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Sales Enablement ​Documents: Product ​Tech Sheets

I designed and wrote copy for product one-pagers, intended for Field Marketing ​Managers to leave with retail accounts (ex: Dick’s Sporting Goods, REI, Finish ​Line, etc.) across the country. These one page tech sheets simplified complicated ​biomechanical concepts while maintaining the brand tone of a “life-loving sage” ​that encourages everyone to get out and #RunHappy.

Go-to-market Product ​Launch: Consumer-​friendly Language

While at Coloplast, a medical device ​company specializing in products for ​intimate needs, we were revamping one of ​our best-selling ostomy accessories. I was ​tasked with crafting copy for consumer-​facing channels. Instead of leaning into ​medical jargon, I worked closely with ​Product Managers to deeply understand ​the product and craft copy that was easy ​to understand and could resonate deeply ​with consumers.

This was their most successful product ​launch and largely attributed to traffic ​from social media.

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